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the home for Gateworlds Cam and Vala ship thread
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officersun524 [userpic]

Hi, all.  I've just joined the community with an offering of new fic! It can be found at my LJ

Cam/Vala, post "Continuum"

Disclaimer: Characters used without permission of their respective owners.

Summary/spoilers:  Spoiler for “Continuum”.   I’m taking a break from my usual Daniel/Vala shippy goodness for a foray into Cam/Vala territory.  Hope you enjoy.

Thanks to sarahjane for inspiration, feedback and beta.  Mistakes remain mine.

This one’s for her.

Rating: PG-13


Nick7996 [userpic]

Author: gwspeanut
Pairing: Cam/Vala
Rating: G

As I see you lying there on your father’s chest, you asleep and him with that dopey grin of his that says “This is what I’m talking about” look, I finally believe that he has very few regrets about leaving Earth. I have been worried about that since we left. The biggest regret I know is his parents. He loves his parents, I love his parents and you will too.

Samantha, Daniel and Gen Jack helped get us, your dad, Teal’c and me off of Earth, after everything went “wonko”. They had done it before, (I read their mission reports). They are quite good at it. (Maybe not as good as I am but close). Anyway we had to leave or be stuck underground forever.

jessm78 [userpic]

The Red Silk Nightie

Author: Jess

Pairing: Cam/Vala

Rating: PG-13 for adult themes.

Summary: She'd bought it especially for him.

Subjects: Romance, Smut, Drabble

Spoilers: Vague for Family Ties. Takes place not long after that episode.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, never did. I just like to play with them.


She's wearing it: the red silk nightie.

The one she bought during that shopping trip with Sam. The one he saw peeking out of the shopping bag sitting precariously on the table in her quarters as he'd joined her in bed, welcoming her back with a heated kiss.

The one she said she bought especially for him.

He waits impatiently for her to fulfill the promise made when she declared her love for him. Finally she steps into the bedroom and the rush hits him.

She's wearing the red silk nightie.

And he can't wait to rip it off her.

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CKO [userpic]

alright everyone... ya'll can start to post up your fics, artwork ect..

there is no cut off date for the fics.. or rather... ya'll can start to post everything as it s the 31st.

i still plan on participation but... i got side tracked lately had to read the last HP book, and im finally gettin someplace in the fic too... although i dunno if its gonnna be longer then 5000 words, it'll be close and possibly longer... sorry

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CKO [userpic]

it's been changed from the 10 of July to the 31st of July, in order to give us more time... and not be so rushed, 

cus i know for me everything is just starting to come togehter with the fic, finally got those gorram bunnies to  bite for it and now they dont wanna let go

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toomi_k [userpic]

Thanks for posting CKO....

Ok, so as she said.. you've got till July 10th to create something with a prompt. Anything... fic/vid/manip/pic/banner/avatar.... There's a ton of talent out there so have at 'er!!!!

Fics must be a minimum of 100 words (drabble) and posted here (under spoiler tags), FF.net, lj or wherever it is you post them. I can't remember the max.. perhaps it was 5000 words? When posting link/fic, please make sure you put the appropriate rating (PG, Teen, R etc) and any spoiler warnings.

Any pics/manips/avatars must be within GW's forum rules if you're posting them here.

You can pick as many prompts as you choose, only try not to pick your own. On July 10th we'll start posting what we have done.

Anyone and everyone can participate... it can be Cam/Vala friendship, romance, angst or whatever it is that you feel like doing.

The more the merrier (and if anyone is looking for help with a fic, I'll be glad to offer assistance, just send me a PM, email... etc)

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CKO [userpic]

be sure to use this format for your fics, or something similar

Ships: C/V,
secondary ships are welcome, just make sure you mention it
word or words used in the promt:

type: friendship, romance, angst, drama, ect...

be sure to be clear when  you do your secondary pairings, if there's any... we don't want someone to read a fic and it has a pairing that your may not like

longer fics will be placed under the LJ cut. 

the minimum word count is 100 and the max word count is 5000, try to keep 'em between that legnth
crossovers are okay.. if that's your piece of cake.


dog tags
talking parrots
Fast Food
Hot Chocolate
Fleece blanket
red silk nighty
Reality TV
video games
broken washing machine

fics will be due the week of 10 July.

eta: i didn't notice the spellin error... now have the correct spelling for one of the words up there

eta: 26 June.... realized i forgot to add the disclaimer thingy to format for the fics... duh silly me

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raven angel [userpic]

I was dabbling a little. see if it works.

Title: Lonely
Author: ahliadra
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3669
Pairing: SG-1’s Cam/Vala (with only a mention of D/V, C/S, and C/A)
Spoilers: between Bounty to Family Ties (S9 and 10)
A/N: This is my first Stargate fic ever. And thus my first C/V fic. I just want to state for the record that I liked Amy but for the sake of this story, I had to sacrifice her. It had to be done. But it’s not a bad thing. I didn’t make her evil or anything. Just human. I wrote this story while at work, while my boss argued with her boss. There was no beta because it’s not that long and I didn’t want to bug anyone. So, here it is, hope you like.
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything, merely borrowing and will return when finished.

Summary: He sat in a chair by her bed, taking in the soft pastels that so very much said they belonged to Vala Mal Doran. It was easier focusing on her room than it was on her. He was lonely. He just hadn’t admitted it like she had.

toomi_k [userpic]

It hasn't got a name yet... but it's C/V for sure. Rated Teen so far but has a chance it could change. 

Click Here

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jessm78 [userpic]

Here's the 3rd chap :)

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